Forum Rules

In addition to the board terms of use you agree to abide by the following forum rules:

1. Common Sense
Respect others of the community, on the forums, TeamSpeak or otherwise, whether they're players or administrators. Furthermore, criticize ideas, not people. Avoid things like name-calling, ad hominem attacks, responding to a message's tone instead of its actual content and knee-jerk reactions. Instead, think before you type and provide reasoned counter-arguments to discussions.

Personal attacks, trolling, harassment, discrimination, threatening comments or any intentionally annoying behavior will not be tolerated.

2. Game Rules
In-game rules must still be observed where applicable. Rules like metagaming or powergaming (and more) are just as possible to break on the forums as they are in-game, and should be followed.

3. Spam
Unsolicited advertisement is not permitted. Additionally, short messages along the lines of "Looks good" or "Nice post" with no additional content should not be posted by themselves on forum topics. Refrain from making multiple posts in quick succession to address multiple points. Please keep threads on topic. Discussion regarding item X should not devolve into an argument about item Y.

The only spam rule that applies in the Introduction section is keeping threads on topic and that unsolicited advertisement is not permitted.

4. Backseat Moderating
If someone breaks the rules, report them. Do not make a scene just because someone broke a rule. This includes making snide comments about how likely someone is to be punished for breaking a rule.

5. Offensive Content
Do not post or share overly offensive or sexually explicit material.

6. Administrator Ruling
Any action that an administrator takes on a thread, post or individual, is final and when absolutely necessary, should be appealed in the appropriate section.

7. Signatures
All signature content must be under 250 pixels in height.

Remember: The use of the FiveRP forums is a privilege, not a right. The FiveRP moderation team reserves the right to revoke access and remove content for any reason without notice.