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    GT:MP 1.7 beta and FiveRP
    As you maybe aware there has been some fantastic development delivered from GT:MP in the past few days with the release of their new beta build 1.7. The FiveRP Dev team have been watching this development closely as not only was it offering some stability to the client but some nice additions to the script.

    With the new release of 1.7 other day we tested this fully with a number of builds of the server. In it's current state we found the beta build to create problems with our FPS, additional crashes and creating our gamemode pretty unstable. After watching the community carefully it would seem that many other server were also experiencing this and decided against it's use with our own live server at this time.

    This is completely expected from a beta version of any piece of software. Everyone that uses it has different gamemodes, servers, machines and it can run in many different ways. GT:MP has already looked at some of the problems reported and has already started to sort those problems and your FiveRP Dev team will continue to keep testing it.

    As always you guys are awesome and keep coming up with those great ideas in the suggestions section.

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