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    0. Administrator Instructions/Rulings

    If you feel another player has broken a rule that is directly and drastically affecting your roleplay you may /report in-game for assistance. Roleplay should never be paused to wait for an Administrator to show up. Instead, you are to continue roleplaying and if need be, report the other party in our complaint section on the forums.

    Administrator instructions or rulings are final and non-negotiable. If an administrator’s ruling seems to have been made in error, the dispute should be handled outside of the game via a staff complaint on the forum.

    Abuse of Reports or Help
    You are not allowed to use reports or help resources for anything other than server-related concerns or questions.

    Do Not:
    • Make (spam) continuous and recurring reports through /helpme or /report.
    • Ask non-relative questions in /helpme or /report.

    Lying to a Staff Member
    Do not lie to a staff member about anything related to FiveRP. This includes in-game matters, the forum, Discord, TeamSpeak, or any other entity relating or belonging to FiveRP.

    Do Not:
    • Lie in a report or ticket regarding your vehicle, assets, weapons, ammo, drugs, or any other item that you can obtain in-game
    • Attempt to mislead a staff member by creating a fallacy simply to gain an advantage or abuse OOC mediums such as vehicle teleports or asset refunds.
    • Falsify videos, screenshots, recordings or other pieces of evidence in refund requests, player complaints, staff complaints, or any other OOC reporting method.
    Rule 0 violations will have punishments beginning with a kick for minor offenses. The minimum punishment for attempting to falsify information or lie to an Administrator is:
    • First Offense - 3 day ban
    • Second Offense - 1 week ban
    • Third Offense - 2 week ban
    • Fourth Offense - Permanent ban
    Any forged evidence will result in a ban from using the refund request and complaint section.

    1. Remain In-Character and Roleplay at All Times

    Failing to roleplay is strictly forbidden. FiveRP is a roleplay server; you're expected to be roleplaying at all times. If a situation presents itself where rules are broken, roleplay first, report later. Abusing in-game physics or mechanics to gain an edge over another player will result in punishment. You are expected to use script features to assist in roleplay.

    Every player on the server is expected to be roleplaying the character they have created to its fullest at all times. Every player on the server, with the exception of admins on admin duty and players with admin permission, are considered to be in-character at all times. This means every action you take should reflect your character's actions and vice versa. You may not pause roleplay or go out of character at any point without admin permission. Anything entered into IC chat, or any scripted action will be considered an IC action. Players may not take back actions or void roleplay without an admin's permission.

    You are responsible for the state of your character at all times. This includes being aware of any items that your character currently has in their inventory and being ready to roleplay them being somewhere on their person. If your character receives an injury, you are expected to properly roleplay that injury for an acceptable amount of time.

    Do Not:
    • Speed around the map, then when pulled over by the police state in OOC chat you were rushing to log off and need to avoid the roleplay.
    • Attack someone script-wise then deny you ever did it in-character and say it was voided because you didn't perform an emote.
    • Use out of character chat to complain about how unfair or how much you dislike what's happening to your character in the given scenario.
    • State that your character wouldn't have a gun on him despite it being in your inventory when searched.
    • Disregard happenings that would result in the death of your character (falls from substantial heights, head shots, fires, head-on collisions, train collisions, etc.) regardless of your OOC health / armor level.
    • Have your character taken to the hospital following them being shot, only to immediately leave the hospital and go hunt down those responsible with no recovery time.
    • Failure to complete roleplay during the death screen, accepting death prior to completion of the roleplay scenario. (E.G Being killed during a robbery and using the command /acceptdeath before the situation was concluded)

    Acknowledging Out of Character Chat
    Only three forms of chat are to be considered out of character chat while on the server, /b or general OOC chat, /pm or private messages between you and another player, and /o chat be that global OOC chat or an organization's out of character chat. Players have the right to ignore other players' out-of-character discussions if they wish unless it is to ask why they were killed. However, players are not permitted to ignore administrators’ communication or rulings.

    Do Not:
    • Avoid out-of-character communications with an administrator or administrators.
    • Avoid answering a player who asks you why you killed them.
    • Spam someone in order to avoid roleplaying with them simply because it doesn't fit your character's agenda.
    Suicide/Logging to Avoid Roleplay
    You are not allowed to kill your character, log off or forcibly re-spawn to avoid situations. If you have to log off but you are in the middle of a roleplay situation, you will need to get permission from all parties involved before doing so. If you commit a crime, you must wait twenty minutes prior to logging off regardless if you are actively being pursued by other players or not. This allows all parties to have fair opportunity to report the crime, and begin searching. The twenty minutes start when you are safely away from anyone who might be trying to interact with your character.

    Provoking, or otherwise inciting your character's death is considered unrealistic behavior and will not be tolerated. If you make the conscious decision to engage your character in risky behavior that could result in their death you are expected to roleplay surviving the incident even if that puts your character in a critical condition. Death to avoid roleplay is only allowed should both parties agree.

    Do Not:
    • Start a high-speed police chase where you race through the city without wearing a seatbelt, then expect to roleplay dying should you crash to avoid IC punishment.
    • Roleplay reaching to your waistline while you have weapons aimed at you by another party hoping this will provoke them to shoot you.
    • Attempt to shoot at another group when heavily outnumbered just because you "thought you could take them."

    Selling/Giving Away In-Character Items Out-of-Character or Vise Versa
    You cannot make out-of-character deals for in-character items. You cannot sell in-character items for out-of-character items. You cannot give away items for out-of-character reasons. This includes the attempted sale/solicitation of selling items.

    Do Not:
    • Offer to sell another player out of character items for in-character money.
    • Give your friend your character's assets because you don't think you'll be playing anymore.
    Interactions between your Characters
    Your personal characters cannot know each other from an in-character perspective. You are also not allowed to interact between the two characters – for example, transferring money or other assets between them (character to character or through a friend) – without prior administrator permission, or whatever is transferred will be deleted.
    If you want any items transferred, please post a request in our request section.

    Do Not
    • Log in to both of your characters on two different computers and transfer a vehicle, house, apartment or ANY asset.
    If one of your characters is a well-known figure in the entire community you are allowed to reference them in conversation. This includes characters like City Counselors, the Chief of Police, news anchors or journalists, or other well known/highly recognizable figures. You cannot use information between your characters to benefit the other in any way.

    Inappropriate Clothing Combinations
    Do not use inappropriate/un-realistic clothing combinations whilst using the freemode skins. Any clothing combinations that fall under this rule will be removed. While you have a great deal of freedom with our character customization system that does not mean you aren't expected to be realistic when using it.

    Rule 1. violations fall under the general rules and stack collectively with other rules of the same category. The punishment tiers for general rule violations are:
    • First Offense - 1 day ban
    • Second Offense - 3 day ban
    • Third Offense - 1 week ban
    • Fourth Offense - 2 week ban
    • Fifth Offense - 1 month ban and final warning
    • Sixth Offense - Permanent ban
    All general rule offenses will stack until a player has not been punished for three months, in which case they may receive a lower punishment again. This is done on a case by case basis and at an Administrator's discretion.

    If you are found to be selling/giving away In-Character items then all items being used for that purpose will be removed along with the punishment.

    2. Offensive and Unacceptable Roleplay
    You are not permitted to roleplay sexual acts, detailed acts of torture or dismemberment, cannibalism, or other extremely morbid activities without the express out-of-character consent of all participants. If you do end up getting permission, that permission can be withdrawn at any time. The roleplay must take place in private, far away from where any individuals who have not given their consent for this type of roleplay might innocently enter.

    If at any time you revoke your permission for Offensive Roleplay, or if it is being forced upon you without your permission being given, you may log out to avoid this roleplay. Please report alerting the administration team before you do so.

    Do Not:
    • Perform offensive roleplay without first obtaining the consent of all parties involved.
    • Continue offensive roleplay after a consenting party has withdrawn their consent.
    • Perform any sexual roleplay or roleplay containing sexual innuendos in a public place.
    Roleplaying as terrorists, separatists, intelligence agency members, private military, federal or foreign government employees, or similar avenues of roleplay (individually or in organizations) that would require entities such as the state or federal government to intercede are explicitly forbidden since those entities are not generally present in the server.

    You may not roleplay a character from a movie, TV show, comic book, or any other type of related media. While you are allowed to take traits or inspiration from these types of characters, blatantly copying them to use on FiveRP is not allowed. This includes both personality and appearance.

    Examples such as:
    • Playing a story-driven video game and deciding to copy one of the characters for your own use on FiveRP, changing only the name in the transition.
    • Using our customization system to mimic the appearance of a recognizable character from a movie you recently watched.
    Will be faced with punishment. This rule will be enforced on a case-by-case basis. If you are obviously plagiarizing a piece of entertainment, you will be forced to edit your character.

    Do Not:
    • Declare a portion of the map an independent country, prompting an unending conflict with police.
    • Create an elite clandestine spy organization.
    • Roleplay as a federal agent and demand recognition by local police.
    • Sell a vehicle that is currently in the impound lot.
    Unacceptable Character Names
    A player name must be unique and realistic. You may not use the name of a famous person in real life or from history, nor may you use the name of an easily recognizable or already existing character from any form of fiction. Joke/pun names in the form of first names, last names, or combinations of first and last names are likewise unacceptable.

    Do Not:
    • Make a character with the name "Mike Hawk" simply because it is comical.
    • Create a character named "Justin Bieber" because you want to roleplay a superstar.
    • Use a name like "RabbitKiller44".

    Roleplaying a Character Without Appropriate OOC Knowledge
    While you are generally allowed to roleplay whatever type of character you would like, certain characters require the proper OOC knowledge to get right. As such if you are not willing to put the proper amount of time and effort into setting up the backstory and fleshing out this type of character you may not roleplay as one. These types of characters include but are not limited to:
    • Military service veterans
    • Immigrants or individuals that are no US citizens by birth
    • Doctors/Nurses
    • Lawyers
    • Any highly skilled profession that requires a college degree
    While you are not expected to an expert on every subject of a character you should be able to roleplay that character within our expected level of realism. For example, do not roleplay as an immigrant from another country that was an ex-terrorist. That kind of character would never be allowed into the country. Do not attempt to roleplay a doctor without the ability to perform basic medical procedures in an acceptable amount of detail, etc...

    Characters that are deemed unrealistic, un-plausible, or are being poorly roleplayed will be removed from the server and you will have to create a new character from scratch.

    Roleplaying a Character Under the Age of Sixteen
    Do not roleplay a character under the age of 16 years old. If you are roleplaying a character that is under the age of 18 you cannot use NPC parents to benefit your character. For example, if you own a vehicle or house on that character you cannot roleplay that they are actually owned by your character's non-player character parents.

    If you commit a crime on a character that is under the age of eighteen you will be held to the same in-character punishments as an adult character would.

    Contracted Killings or Assassinations
    No player or organization is permitted to have “contract killing” as a service they offer. Specific players or members of organizations recognized by the administration may be able to participate in contract killing. Such members must be vetted and approved by organization staff and the Operations Managment. Only a limited number of accredited organizations are allowed to apply.

    No characters that have not been given explicit permission should be taking money or items as payment for executing a "hit" or murdering another player. Any player found doing this without permission is subject to the punishment for Deathmatching. This includes performing a murder for someone else when the reason for murdering the other player had nothing to do with your character, to begin with.

    Committing Crimes in Unrealistic Areas
    Committing highly visible, or violent crimes in areas that are public facilities, government buildings, scripted job locations, or would realistically be highly populated are forbidden. Highly visible, and violent crimes means any crime that is not discrete or realistically able to be kept out of view for most people in an area.

    Crimes or other violent activities that start in other areas and end up leading into an unrealistic area are permitted to continue so long as the roleplay is reasonable, and makes logical sense. For example, if you are in a gunfight with another player and they run down the Del Perro Pier you are permitted to chase after them. However, you may not run into an unrealistic area in order to commit additional crimes. Such as running down the pier with the intention of taking a hostage or terrorizing those present.

    Examples include:
    • Commit armed robbery on the Del Perro Pier.
    • Perform a large weapon deal in the parking garage of the FIB building.
    • Run into a police station, or hospital with a gun to murder someone inside or attempt to break someone out of jail.
    • Attack rival organization members as they exit the Pacific Standard bank after witnessing them go inside.
    • Kidnapping a police officer and having them unimpound your vehicle.
    Obviously, every situation is not listed here. Any crime that involves severely harming another player, or could lead to that player being harmed (ex. Armed Robbery), should not be committed in any of the areas listed above. All players are expected to use their best judgment when roleplaying around the areas listed above. If it makes no sense for the roleplay to continue because it would ultimately put your character's life at risk by exposing themselves committing a serious crime, then you are expected to break contact and attempt to finish your roleplay with the other party in a more suitable area at a later date.

    Selling Guns/Ammo Using A PF License
    The sale, trade, or otherwise transferring of firearms and ammunition obtained by a PF license is strictly prohibited.

    Rule 2. violations fall under the general rules and stack collectively with other rules of the same category. The punishment tiers for general rule violations are:
    • First Offense - 1 day ban
    • Second Offense - 3 day ban
    • Third Offense - 1 week ban
    • Fourth Offense - 2 week ban
    • Fifth Offense - 1 month ban and final warning
    • Sixth Offense - Permanent ban
    All general rule offenses will stack until a player has not been punished for three months, in which case they may receive a lower punishment again. This is done on a case by case basis and at an Administrator's discretion.

    If you are found to be roleplaying an unrealistic character then your character will be disabled and you'll have to create a new one. The same punishment will be issued for characters with unrealistic names or those that are being roleplayed under our age limit.

    Characters that are not in this country legally, such as illegal immigrants or characters who overstay their welcome on VISAs are subject to a forced "CK" by the administration team if they're caught by law enforcement.

    The punishment for abusing a firearm license is the listed punishment as well as losing and being banned from applying for another firearm license on any character.

    3. Deathmatching
    Deathmatching is the act of physically harming another player character without a justifiable in-character reason to do so. A justifiable in-character reason is defined as a reasonable cause to kill another character involving roleplay. Killing another character should never be taken lightly, and is not to be considered a trivial issue. If you have doubts about your specific situation consider not going through with it.

    Deliberately attempting to incite an altercation of any kind in an effort to get a minimal reason to harm another character is also considered deathmatching, and punishable as such. Using a vehicle to harm another player without justifiable in-character reason is also subject to this rule. This includes driving into someone without roleplay. Deathmatching encompasses all acts of harming another player with minimal and no roleplay.

    Each instance of alleged deathmatching is reviewed on a case-by-case basis where administrators look into the characters involved, the history of the characters and the interaction between the characters. The motive for the attack and the execution of a said attack.

    If you are committing a murder on behalf of another player or your organization, with the exception of contract kills, you must establish there is enough reason to commit the murder on an OOC level beforehand. If the reasoning is found insufficient then both the player who ordered the murder and the one(s) who carried it out will be punished for deathmatching.

    Examples include:
    • The act of physically harming another player character without any roleplay or justifiable reason.
    • Attacking a character that is unknown to your character for no reason.
    • Killing another character over a trivial matter, without appropriate roleplay leading up to and during the murder.
    Rule 3. violations fall under the general rules and stack collectively with other rules of the same category. The punishment tiers for general rule violations are:
    • First Offense - 1 day ban
    • Second Offense - 3 day ban
    • Third Offense - 1 week ban
    • Fourth Offense - 2 week ban
    • Fifth Offense - 1 month ban and final warning
    • Sixth Offense - Permanent ban
    All general rule offenses will stack until a player has not been punished for three months, in which case they may receive a lower punishment again. This is done on a case by case basis and at an Administrator's discretion.

    4. Revenge Killing
    You are not allowed to seek out and/or kill anyone involved with your character's death. When you are killed, your character loses all memory leading up to and including their death unless they were rescued by paramedics. This may involve no longer knowing or recognizing your killer(s) after dying. You must also do your absolute best to avoid the player(s) who killed you for at least 48 hours, and definitely not kill them, provoke them, or otherwise engage them in any role play situation.

    Player Kill definition

    If you are killed by a player or a group of players, you will forget everything involving your character and the opposing character(s) in that situation. If you are killed in an area that is not crucial to your character (house, or job), you may not return there for another two hours. If you kill another player by a PK, you must roleplay as you’ve killed them.

    Do Not:
    • Track down the individual(s) responsible for your character's death (you lost memory of the situation).
    • Utilize your gang affiliation or motives as a means to enact revenge on your killer(s).
    • Have one of your friends or associates track down your killer(s) and take revenge on them.
    Rule 4. violations fall under the general rules and stack collectively with other rules of the same category. The punishment tiers for general rule violations are:
    • First Offense - 1 day ban
    • Second Offense - 3 day ban
    • Third Offense - 1 week ban
    • Fourth Offense - 2 week ban
    • Fifth Offense - 1 month ban and final warning
    • Sixth Offense - Permanent ban
    All general rule offenses will stack until a player has not been punished for three months, in which case they may receive a lower punishment again. This is done on a case by case basis and at an Administrator's discretion.

    5. Powergaming
    Roleplaying on the behalf of other players or NPCs (if roleplaying for that NPC grants an advantage) is classified as powergaming. This includes roleplaying as a character that is not on your account without permission from an administrator. Roleplaying an NPC for the purposes of character development or immersion without granting any advantages, however, is permitted.

    Other forms of powergaming include acting in ways that are physically impossible for your character, roleplaying retroactively, or failing to indicate that you are drawing a large weapon. A list of weapons that can be scrolled without additional description is listed below. Equipping all other weapons must be indicated via an emote. As a driver of a vehicle/motorcycle, you may only shoot forward and to the sides, you may not shoot behind you.

    You may not pull a weapon with no roleplay if you are at gunpoint. If you are at gunpoint, you must roleplay (with a /me) that you are taking your weapon out. This applies to all weapons.

    Knuckle Duster
    Antique Cavalry Dagger

    Combat Pistol
    Flare Gun
    Heavy Pistol
    Heavy Revolver
    Marksman Pistol
    Pistol .50
    SNS Pistol
    Stun Gun
    Vintage Pistol

    Tear Gas
    Molotov Cocktail
    Pipe Bomb

    Players cannot solely use the in-game mechanics to steal another player's vehicle whilst said vehicle is occupied. The situation must be role-played out between both parties.

    If your vehicle does not possess a license plate due to game mechanics, you may not roleplay that it has one anyway. Any vehicle purchased from the dealership that does not have a visible plate will be considered unregistered and lack a license plate on an in-character level. If you are in possession of such a vehicle, it must be registered in-character. It will be considered powergaming if you roleplay that your plateless vehicle is registered without pursuing the IC avenue provided.

    Scrap Truck
    Dinka Akuma
    Dinka Double-T
    Pegassi Bati 801RR
    Dinka Enduro
    Albany Franken Stange
    Western MC Cliffhanger
    Maibatsu Manchez
    Western MC
    Rat Bike
    Western MC Wolfsbane
    Western MC Zombie Chopper
    Western MC Zombie Bobber
    Vapid Trophy Truck

    Downed state definition (WASTED SCREEN)

    You are incapacitated. You cannot move by yourself. You cannot attack. You cannot use your phone.

    How to roleplay firearm damage.

    200-100 HP can be treated as damage to your vest
    99-50 HP is to be treated as a flesh wound.
    49-1 HP is to be treated as a center mass shot.
    0 HP You are incapacitated. You may barely move your arms, and speak in /low.

    How to deal with vehicle collisions.

    You are to roleplay all damage dealt to your car. You are not to head on wreck into other vehicles(even lag slam head on ramming). If you head on wreck into a stationary object with your vehicle at a speed above 45 MPH, you will need to roleplay that that vehicle is disabled for that situation.

    Do Not:
    • Roleplay that you purchased a bomb from an NPC organization, and then use the “bomb” to destroy something.
    • Use an NPC to call 911 if your character is incapable of doing so (location does not matter).
    • Punch somebody in-character and then inform them through /do or /b that they would be unconscious.
    • Roleplay actions or instructions that you claim to have received from a NPC (kill, hurt or shoot someone, etc.)
    • Roleplay having a weapon on you that you do not actually have script-wise.
    • Role play that you hid an item / weapon somewhere when it is on your character (if it is on you, it is on you.)
    • Search a vehicle inventory and role play seeing a weapon / item without role playing the search and location of the weapon / item.
    • Fire a weapon behind you in order to fend off an attacker / police vehicle.
    Healing in a Situation
    You cannot use any healing items while in the middle of a dangerous situation.

    Do Not:
    • Use healing items during any type of fight or roleplay situation where it would be impossible or unrealistic.
    • Use a healing item during a gunfight where it would be impossible or unrealistic.
    Rule 5. violations fall under the general rules and stack collectively with other rules of the same category. The punishment tiers for general rule violations are:
    • First Offense - 1 day ban
    • Second Offense - 3 day ban
    • Third Offense - 1 week ban
    • Fourth Offense - 2 week ban
    • Fifth Offense - 1 month ban and final warning
    • Sixth Offense - Permanent ban
    All general rule offenses will stack until a player has not been punished for three months, in which case they may receive a lower punishment again. This is done on a case by case basis and at an Administrator's discretion.

    6. Metagaming
    Communicating information that your character does not know to others, sharing information via /me or /do that other characters would not feasibly be able to see or otherwise interpret, sharing out-of-character information through an in-character medium, or taking in-character action based on information gained from an out-of-character source are all classified as metagaming. Only authorized legal organizations are permitted to use TeamSpeak for in-character communication.

    Chat Box Rules
    You cannot use internet slang or unrealistic abbreviations in in-character chats, nor can you use symbols other than standard punctuation, except when appropriate (i.e. in-character emails, text messages, or other digital communication). You are not permitted to use languages other than English publicly, in-character or out-of-character, except common words for flavor purposes. Nonstandard punctuation (i.e. smileys or other constructs) is not permitted. Finally, only certain varieties of legal organizations are permitted to use Teamspeak for in-character communication.

    FiveRP GTA HD Universe
    FiveRP is set within the GTA HD Universe. We replace the same states and cities that the GTA HD universe replaces.
    San Andreas = California
    Los Santos = Los Angeles
    San Fierro = San Francisco

    Liberty = New York
    Liberty City = New York City

    North Yankton = North Dakota

    Vice City = Miami - Florida

    Las Venturas = Las Vegas - Nevada
    Please note, events that happen in the real world will be reflected onto FiveRP as long as it does not directly target a group of individuals
    Ex: LAPD’s building set on fire.

    All items from GTA are being retained, however, the story of GTA:V hasn't taken place yet. FiveRP uses the HD Universe to construct a story of its own; the brands (Bravado, Pisswasser, Binco, etc.) do exist. Real life brands for vehicles are not to be carried over, however cosmetic brands, (Armani, Gucci, Smith and Wesson, Remington, etc.) do exist because of the lack of designer branding.

    In Character Live-Streaming
    Due to the complexities surrounding in character streaming, live in character streams are not permitted. Streaming FiveRP is permitted, however, can not be treated as in character and use of information gained directly from a players stream will fall under metagaming.

    Do Not:
    • Use out-of-character communication (in any form) to summon a friend to help you elude the police or an attacker.
    • Using emoticons, unnecessary apostrophes, or the erroneous pseudo-punctuation in in-character chats.
    • Give special attention to an organization leader in an attempt to join their organization, unless you know of their status in-character.
    • Use ANY out-of-character communications (TeamSpeak, Skype, Discord, etc.) to communicate in-character information to associates, friends or colleagues.
    • Use emoticons or "smilies" in in-character chats.
    • Use internet slang ("lol", "wtf", "lmfao", etc.) in in-character chats.
    • Call a Dominator a Mustang, or call a Sabre GT a Camaro.
    • Use or any other live-streaming website in order to live-stream your character's activities in-character.
    Rule 6. violations fall under the general rules and stack collectively with other rules of the same category. The punishment tiers for general rule violations are:
    • First Offense - 1 day ban
    • Second Offense - 3 day ban
    • Third Offense - 1 week ban
    • Fourth Offense - 2 week ban
    • Fifth Offense - 1 month ban and final warning
    • Sixth Offense - Permanent ban
    All general rule offenses will stack until a player has not been punished for three months, in which case they may receive a lower punishment again. This is done on a case by case basis and at an Administrator's discretion.

    7. Scamming and Robbery
    You cannot scam a player out of more than $30,000. You cannot rob more than $15,000 from a player. Assets such as real estate, vehicles, bank accounts, etc. cannot be scammed or stolen. Note that carjacking and temporarily stealing a car is permitted -- forcing a player to sell you a vehicle for $0 via the script because the vehicle was "stolen" is, however, not allowed. You are not allowed to create an advertisement for the sole purpose of robbing any interested individuals. Conversely, you cannot buy a vehicle from somebody and then rob them after the fact.

    In the instance that you are robbing a player, you cannot kill that player unless they outright refuse to comply, provide resistance, or provoke you to inflict harm.

    You cannot rob a firearm from a Police Officer, dead or alive unless authorization is granted by an Admin and the roleplay is supervised. This type of roleplay will not be authorized regularly for the sake of realism.

    Rule 7. violations fall under the general rules and stack collectively with other rules of the same category. The punishment tiers for general rule violations are:
    • First Offense - 1 day ban
    • Second Offense - 3 day ban
    • Third Offense - 1 week ban
    • Fourth Offense - 2 week ban
    • Fifth Offense - 1 month ban and final warning
    • Sixth Offense - Permanent ban
    All general rule offenses will stack until a player has not been punished for three months, in which case they may receive a lower punishment again. This is done on a case by case basis and at an Administrator's discretion.

    8. Abusing the Game or Script
    Knowingly exploiting the script and/or the GTA V engine in order to gain an advantage is not allowed. This includes abusing the physics of GTA V in order to do unrealistic things.

    Do Not:
    • Wheelie towards an object to fling your vehicle into the air.
    • Use GTA V mechanics to drive your vehicle straight up a cliff where it would be realistically impossible.
    • Driving a non off-road vehicle up the side of mountains and hills without roleplaying the consequences.
    Exploiting Bugs
    You are not permitted to exploit bugs for personal gain. You are required to report a bug immediately if you find one.

    Do Not:
    • Abuse a bug that allows you to, essentially, spawn in money or gain any type of advantage that wasn't meant to be.
    • Bug yourself out of the prison mapping and proceed to explore before reporting that you've bugged out.
    • Go out of your way to try and find bugs or "test" something on your own.
    Unacceptable Game Modifications
    You are not permitted to use a modification that grants you an advantage on the server.

    Do Not:
    • Install a game modification that alters vehicle handling, makes a vehicle faster, or gains you any type of advantage.
    • Use any type of cheat, modification, plugin, script or other third-party game additions.
    Tunnels in Pursuits
    There are a number of underground tunnels across the map. It is against the rules to use these tunnels while being actively pursued by the police department, a group of players, or a player as means of escape.

    These tunnels make you and everyone chasing you prone to crashing and create crash loops, and subsequently start other innumerable issues.

    You may use these tunnels when not being pursued by other characters as a means of escape at your own risk.

    AFKing/Paycheck Farming
    Do not AFK on the server for any longer than 10 minutes.

    Rule 8. violations can result in anything from a kick to a permanent ban. Any bugs must be reported immediately to staff, and should not be used any further. Using modifications are at your own risk and you are expected to only use visual modification that do not give you any clear advantages over players not using them. If you are aware of anyone actively using illegal modifications, AFKing to gain paychecks, or otherwise abusing the script you are required to report these individuals or you face the same punishment for harboring.

    9. Account Access
    Your account is yours and yours alone. You are responsible if your account is used by another person, and by doing so, you link your identities in our records and may end up getting yourself banned for the other person’s actions as a result. You are likewise responsible if a friend or sibling logs on your computer and somehow gets you banned or otherwise punished. Additionally, you are not allowed to sell, transfer, lend, or share an account with anyone else for any reason, for any amount of time.

    Do Not:
    • Let anyone else other than yourself use your in-game / UCP account or forum account.
    Circumventing a Ban
    While you are banned from the game server, the Teamspeak server, the forums, etc., you are not allowed to register another account or use an alternate account until the ban period has expired. Otherwise, your other account may also be banned and your original ban extended.

    Do Not:
    • Utilize a different account to access the platform(s) which you are banned from.
    • Change your IP to circumvent a ban to any platform.
    Maximum Number of Accounts
    You are only permitted to use one UCP account, and one forum account to access FiveRP services. Anyone found in violation of this rule will have their newest account disabled, and if applicable all accounts until the issue can be sorted by an Administrator. New character slots can be acquired via the UCP donation feature, and forum namechanges can be requested in the appropriate section.

    Rule 9. violations will result in you being responsible for who has access to your account and what they do on it. Anyone found ban evading will have their ban time doubled without the possibility of appeal.

    10. Proof of Obscure/Beneficial RP
    There are countless situations where you could take part in a somewhat obscure roleplay that would be beneficial to your character by providing them with a customized item. Examples such as:
    • Converting your vehicle's center console into a lockable safe to keep your narcotics secure during a delivery.
    • Removing your vehicle's license plate, and subsequently committing a series of crimes.
    • Modifying items of clothing to hide objects, such as a hidden compartment in your shoe, or having sewn a bag of drugs on the interior of your coat.
    • Taking part in multiple murders, and moving the bodies between multiple locations to trick the police.
    These examples are not against the rules, and you will not face punishment for doing them, but it should be kept in mind that any RP similar to the examples above will require proof. If no proof is provided, your RP will be considered invalid. It is highly recommended that you take screenshots of any RP that involve beneficial items not currently supported by our script. We will happily allow players to take part in complicated RP, but please ensure you have proof, as these examples can be effortlessly fabricated to provide a quick get-out-of-jail free card. Please note that administrators reserve the right to void your RP if the provided proof isn't substantial.

    Before creating, purchasing, or obtaining a beneficial item, it's highly recommended that players contact an administrator to obtain approval for said item. Administrators reserve the right to deny requests or ideas for these items, as well as removing existing items should they find them unnecessary. Players should make an effort to not stray too far from what our script allows. If something is possible in real life, it does not mean it will be allowed in our server.

    Rule 10. violations will result in you forfeiting your right to roleplay such items, and possibly be subject to powergaming.

    11. Property Ownership
    Players may not own any more than five (5) houses/apartments in-game. Abusing the current property system and purchasing more than five houses will result in the immediate removal of any houses over the limit without refund. Consistent abuse of this rule may result in a ban. Those who wish to own more than five houses with valid roleplay reasons may request to do so by submitting a Letter-of-Interest to the Property Staff Team. Valid roleplay reasons do not have a set standard and will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

    Businesses and Organization properties will not count towards the limit.

    Inactivity Removals
    Players are expected to maintain a certain level of activity in-game to be considered active. Currently, players must have an acceptable activity within a thirty (30) day period to be considered active. Players that have not logged in for a period of thirty days or longer will be considered inactive. Inactive players may have certain assets removed and sold back to the server to allow other players the opportunity to own and enjoy them. These items include, but are not limited to:
    • LOI Houses
    • Regular houses
    • LOI Vehicles
    • Auction Vehicles
    • Businesses
    Inactive players that have houses revoked may request a fifty-percent (50%) market-value refund within 3 months of the asset being revoked.

    Please be aware that any items found inside of any revoked assets will be removed and are not eligible for a refund. This means in the event you have weapons, drugs, etc. stored in a property or vehicle, you will lose them when the asset they are stored in is revoked.

    Banned players who cannot have their ban appealed to a lower punishment that will exceed the thirty day period will automatically have their properties removed and will not be subject to a refund.

    Rule 11. violations will result in the loss of property and forfeiture of the right to a refund if not adhered to.

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