Illegal Organizations: Organization Status and Letter of Interest

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    Illegal Organizations are broken down into three status. The first of which is what every Organization starts off as when created, Unrecognized. These are organizations that haven't expressed interest in furthering themselves in the community and will not receive any of the benefits, supply drops etc..., that other Organizations with a higher status will. The next two levels of status are as follows:

    These are Organizations that have written a letter of interest to Illegal Organization Staff and been approved by meeting all of our requirements. Basically they are on the path to becoming a fully Accredited Organization and we use this status to evaluate their roleplay in more detail. Recognized Organizations will have access to smaller benefits, but much like Accredited Organizations they can get weaponry and other illegal goods directly from Organization Staff, but in much smaller quantities. Requirements for Recognized Status are:
    • Be an Organization for at least two weeks.
    • Have an acceptable amount of members for your intended purpose.
    • Establish roleplay in your area, and have some way of benefiting the community as a whole.
    • Have no major issues with the nature of your Organization, or it's members.
    Organizations that have been Recognized and have an acceptable opinion from members of Illegal Organization Staff will be offered an Accredited slot. This will open up access to more support, larger supply drops, and other benefits to help aid your Organization even further. There is no set amount of time it will take to get from Recognized to Accredited, instead it will be based off of your Organization's roleplay, attitude, and generally contribution to the community.

    Letter of Interest
    Any Organization wishing to take the first step towards Accredited Status needs to fill out a letter of interest and send it to @gatormouth with the subject "Illegal Organizations: Letter of Interest". After this your letter will be reviewed by Illegal Organization Staff and your Organization as a whole will be reviewed. If found to be acceptable you'll be informed of the next steps.

    [CENTER][B][SIZE=6]Letter of Interest - Illegal Organization Accredited Status[/B]
    -Organization Name Here-[/SIZE][/CENTER]
    [b]Type of Organization:[/b] (Gang, Mafia, Crew, etc...)
    [b]Organization Leaders:[/b]
    [*] Leader
    [*]Additional Leadership[/LIST]
    [b]Link to Organization Showcase:[/b] -Link here-
    [b]List or explain your Organization's structure/ranks:[/b]
    [*]Rank 1
    [*]Rank 2
    [*]Rank 3
    [*]etc... List all that apply[/LIST]
    [b]List a full roster of all members of your Organization. Including "outsiders" or hang-arounds.[/b]
    [*]Person 1
    [*]Person 2
    [*]Person 3
    [b]List all of the properties (non-residential) currently owned or operated by your Organization.[/b]
    [*]Property 1
    [b]Give an explanation of the roleplay your Organization engages in. Explain what roleplay you provide to the members of your Organization and what roleplay you provide to the community as a whole.[/b]
    -Answer here-
    [b]How to do feel that Accredited status will benefit your Organization?[/b]
    -Answer here-
    [b]Explain why you're interested in seeking Accredited status for your Organization.[/B]
    -Answer here-
    [b]What aspirations do you have for your Organization?[/b]
    -Answer here-
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