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    For quite some time now, businesses and the roleplay surrounding them have not been treated to the required scripting and attention needed to make them a cornerstone of legal roleplay on our server. While several businesses have risen to be at the forefront of helping to create and establish roleplay hubs across the rather large map we call home, there has always been one glaring issue... Most businesses owners were paying out of their own pocket to accomplish this. Rest assured we have no forgotten about all of you long standing, and even new, businesses owners. From today onward we'll be rectifying the months of neglect with our new, all be it non scripted, businesses update.

    Starting from the post of this announcement all eligible businesses, see below for qualifications, will now be able to apply for our Sponsored Business status. These will work must like status'ed illegal organizations already do on our server. Businesses that qualify and show interest will have the opportunity to be granted special attention from the Legal Roleplay Team that will allow them to finally make money, while they provide roleplay to others on the server. This will be done through several avenues that work out for those who are tired of hitting the pier, or rocking the waves for hours on end to make their living. While also encourage businesses to be open for hours and hours, and never have to worry about not being able to pay employees or fall behind on working towards that sweet, sweet house in the Hills. All business owners who:

    • Are already in possession of a commercial property.
    • Have an active Businesses License, and the additional service license to go with it!
    • Have been actively attempting to create roleplay and provide a hub for others.
    If you meet those criteria then feel free to send in an application below. We won't be disclosing all the details of the new system here, but all businesses that are chosen to be sponsored will have access to the information and support of the entire Legal Roleplay Team should they have any questions. A brief overview of what you can expect is:
    • Making money when you want to make money, while actually roleplaying with other people (who may or may not have gills).
    • Tracking and managing your businesses funds so you can buy goods and supply down the road, pay out employees to work for you, and create a fully functional legal organization separate (or not so) from your criminal empire.
    • Being rewarded for helping the server, and it's players enjoy themselves whatever the time may be.
    Those interested can submit an application to @Seech with the below format:
    [center][B][SIZE=6]Legal Roleplay Staff - Sponsored Business Interest Form[/B]
    [b]Type of Business:[/b] (Bar, Club, Food Services, General Services)
    [b]Business Location:
    Business Owner:[/b] -
    [list][*] -
    [*] - [/list]
    [b]How can you provide roleplay both to your employees, and the patrons of your business?[/b]
    [b]How many hours on average would you be willing to open your business and have it staffed?[/b]
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