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    Hate Speech

    We enforce a zero tolerance policy against hate speech. Hate speech in any way, shape or form may result in your account being suspended indefinitely. Our community is open to all, regardless of ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. Any out-of-character displays of racism or discrimination is strictly forbidden and is subject to action.

    Racism and discrimination includes hateful speech against any sexuality, gender, religion and/or ethnicity. All reports regarding racism and discrimination will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Each case will be subject to a thorough investigation where staff will look into exactly what was said, where it was said and the contextual meaning of statements made. When claims are substantiated offenders will be subject to action.

    Contemptuous terms whether used in comical context is forbidden per our policy. Do not make tasteless racist jokes that can be seen as offensive by members of our community. While we hold no control over private conversations held outside of our community, we can still enforce action if claims of such harassment are substantiated.

    • Continuously using inappropriate racial slurs of any kind.
    • Public use and glorification of Nazi symbolism, and partaking in holocaust denial.
    • Purposely excluding individuals based on their ethnicity, religion and/or gender.


    The security of your personal information is incredibly important to us. For that reason anyone found leaking personal information, whether with or without malicious intent, may have their account suspended indefinitely as a result. All members have the right to remain anonymous if they wish to do so. While we strive to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security. Therefor you must also take personal responsibility, and prevent sensitive information from being accessible by other member.

    We will never ask for your personal information. You will also never be obligated to give personal information to anyone, regardless of their position in our community. If you feel that your privacy is at risk, you are advised to contact someone from our management team to promptly resolve the situation in a safe manner.

    Sharing someone's Facebook, Instagram or any other social media account without permission is also considered leaking personal information and is also subject to action without a chance to appeal. Make sure that you always have permission from the owner before you share their social media accounts.

    • Sharing a link to someone's Facebook account with others without permission from the owner of the account.
    • Releasing someone's personal information anywhere (doxxing).

    NSFW/NSFL Content

    While we do not enforce an age restriction our community is focused on an adult-rated game. As such adult-rated themes are often a subject of discussion. However, due to the absence of an age restriction, subjects involving pornography and NSFL items are strictly forbidden. NSFW items must be labeled as such regardless of the platform in which it is posted. Failing to do so may result in your account being suspended indefinitely. If you are not certain about your content, you may send it to a staff member for review before submitting it publicly.

    • Posting graphic content displaying mutilated corpses or other deceased individuals.
    • Sharing links, pictures or videos containing pornographic content.
    • Sharing NSFW material without appropriately flagging it as such.


    Harassment goes beyond sending hateful messages and offensive content, it can range from consciously trying to provoke a reaction from the opposite side to purposely seeking out confrontation. All reports regarding harassment of any kind will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Each case will be subject to a thorough investigation. When claims are substantiated offenders will be subject to action. Any form of harassment may result in your account being suspended indefinitely.

    If you feel that you're a victim of harassment, you are advised to file a player complaint or contact someone from our management team if you want to remain anonymous. Make sure to provide as much evidence as possible as it'll give us a much better overview of the situation.

    • Actively exploring opportunities to provoke a confrontation with someone (baiting).
    • Making off-hand comments that insinuate an insult directed towards someone.
    • Stalking whether in public or privately.


    Coercing, threatening or continuously putting pressure on someone are acts we consider hostile and are subject to action. Any out-of-character acts of hostility, whether for OOC or IC purpose, is not allowed. Arguments are natural and will always happen in every community, but crossing the line into active hostility is considered unacceptable, and will not be tolerated.

    Anyone caught committing any of these acts will be subject to action, which may include the indefinite suspension of your account. We consider acts of hostility conscious decisions that require premeditation beforehand. The severity of each act is judged on a case-by-case basis.

    • Threatening someone with action unless they do what you want them to do.
    • Coercing someone to perform a certain act through manipulation or herassment.


    A community such as ours where originality flourishes needs serious measures to prevent plagiarism and protect copyright. You are not to, under any circumstance, copy any type of work created by someone else and claim it as your own.

    If you would like to post something that very much resembles someone else's work, contact a staff member and provide as much proof as possible to show that you've been working on it independently. Regardless of a member's activity or content, it is not to be copied without permission from the original owner themselves.

    • Completely copying someone's organization thread and posting it on a different community.
    • Share someone else's content and claiming it as your own.
    • Copy content from a different community and either posting it without their permission or claiming it as your own.

    General Behavior

    In order to keep our community a friendly place, we expect everyone to behave like any reasonable person would: with respect, dignity and courtesy. We are here to play a game with each other and the type of game we focus on, roleplay, is supposed to be relaxed and fun. Even if you manage to find yourself in a nasty situation, we want you to be mature and control your emotions.

    Purposely baiting players or staff members, trolling and constant low-effort content are examples of actionable behavior. That includes a wide variety of methods such as posting on someone's profile to intentionally bait them or back off-handed comments to troll them. Attempts to circumvent the rules, malicious or otherwise, is subject to action. This includes 'skirting' the rules by purposely threading a thin line, whether consistently or proven maliciously. This also includes personal attacks concealed in vague messages, or targeted attacks without the specific mention or otherwise notification of the target.

    • Spread negativity by reacting negatively to every situation.
    • Insults, threats, harassment, misleading, etc.
    • Bad faith participation.


    Each member is entitled to their own account and unique username. However, we do not allow the use of someone else's nickname and claiming to be that person, whether they are from the same or a different community. You are more than free to use a name that's been registered on a different community by someone else, especially common names such as Joe or Mike.

    Impersonation falls under the defamation category as well, and if you have the feeling that you're being impersonated either here or somewhere else, let the management team know. If you are caught deliberately impersonating a member from either our community or a different one, it will result in all of your accounts being suspended.

    • Claiming to be someone from a different community that you are not.

    Spam, Misleading & Scamming

    Deliberately misleading people to either scam them or reach a different agenda is strictly forbidden. Spamming our forums, Discord or any other platform else is also strictly forbidden - whether it's for an IC or OOC agenda. Scamming or misleading people on any of our platforms may result in your account being suspended indefinitely.

    Any spam on our forums can be reported using the forum's built-in report feature. We will get to your reports as soon as possible. Any spamming outside our forums can be reported by filing a player complaint accompanied with evidence.

    • Post your advertisement for your IC company everywhere (forums, Discord, etc).
    • Engaging in OOC scams with people either from our community or a different community.
    • Misleading people for personal gain.
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