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Vehicle Upgrades

Discussion in 'Operations Announcements' started by FiveRP, Dec 4, 2017.

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  1. FiveRP

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    It's time for vehicle upgrades! Now that the letter of interest system has dropped, players will be able to easily obtain stock vehicles, and thanks to Rockstar, some of these vehicles can be upgraded into special variants. Don't worry, though. Custom variants aren't the only upgrades a player can obtain. A rusty Tornado will be able to be restored to its former glory, for a price. Below, the prices for one of these upgrades will be available for viewing, as well as a letter of interest!

    It is required that all vehicle upgrades go through either D&H Auto Garage, or R&R Towing. What this means is that should your LOI be accepted, you will be tasked with seeking out a mechanic to upgrade your vehicle. In doing so, your vehicle will be forfeit for a minimum of 72 hours while the mechanics upgrade your vehicle. This system is being put into place to encourage roleplay, for both yourself and the mechanics entrusted with upgrading it. To summarize, the steps you will take to upgrade your vehicle go as follows:
    1. You send in a letter of interest, and it is reviewed. Should there be nothing wrong, it will be accepted.
    2. You as a player will have to contact one of the two listed mechanics (see LS Connect pages above), and request an upgrade.
    3. Your vehicle will be left with the mechanics at a prescribed time for a minimum of 72 hours, and once that time passes and the upgrade is fully roleplayed, the upgraded vehicle is returned to you.

    The Sultan and Banshee upgrades are currently unavailable.

    Tornado -> Tornado Custom - $30,000
    Tornado Rusty -> Tornado - $21,000
    Chino -> Chino Custom - $36,000
    Primo -> Primo Custom - $20,000
    Moonbeam -> Moonbeam Custom - $21,000
    Faction -> Faction Custom - $32,000
    Faction Custom -> Faction Custom Slam DONK - $24,000
    Buccaneer -> Buccaneer Custom - $30,000
    Voodoo -> Voodoo Custom - $33,000
    Banshee -> Banshee 900R - $103,500
    Sultan -> SultanRS - $127,500
    Virgo -> Virgo Custom - $26,000
    Slamvan -> Slamvan Custom - $34,000
    Minivan - Minivan Custom - $21,000
    Sabre Turbo -> Sabre Turbo Custom - $26,500
    Western Rat Bike -> Any Western chopper - $2,000 cheaper than difference between the two choppers.

    Please send any letters of interest to my personal inbox. I look forward to seeing your requests.

    Letter of Interest

    Vehicle Upgrade Letter of Interest
    [Character Name]

    Character Names (past and present):

    Forum Name(s):

    What vehicle would you like to upgrade?:

    Why do you wish to obtain this upgrade on an IC level?:

    What in-character reasoning / explanation can be given for your character upgrading this vehicle?:

    How will this upgrade benefit your roleplay?:

    Do you understand that staff reserve the right to remove your vehicle(s) at any time for any reason?:
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  2. Phleep

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    Nov 7, 2016
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    With the implementation of this system, players are now able to upgrade their stock vehicles by submitting a letter of interest, and since its launch, I can gladly say that I'm pleased with the results. Now that it's been established, however, a change is being put into place that will encourage roleplay for yourself and those around you.

    The primary post in the thread has been updated, and it's highly recommended that you read through it before going through with a letter of interest.
  3. Phleep

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    Nov 7, 2016
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    Edited to include the Western Rat Bike.
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  4. Fergie

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    Nov 9, 2016
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    Vehicle upgrades & LOI's are temporarily closed.
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